LXC Web Panel

Welcome News Section

by Claudio Mignanti
Today I'm very happy to start a new section of this website. News section would became, in my mind, the **center of discussions** about future developement of LWP and its forks, in the past month a lot of awesome commits had been pushed to the repo project and some new developer are actively proposing improvement, feature and various fixes. In the past few months the original LXC-Web-Panle project was improved in many way, **new features was merged from spare forks**, features like ipv4 detection, backup capability, ssl support, zfs backend and many more was integrated by yet available patches. Later new functionality has been developed like Rest API, integration with LDAP and ActiveDirectory as well as packaging for debian distribution. I'm really excited about the functionality and the people that are joins the effort improving the LWP project and I would like to thanks all contributors for their works, see [github graph contribute](https://github.com/claudyus/LXC-Web-Panel/graphs/contributors) Below the github pulse of the last month that involve a lot of commits and app rework thanks to the "Rob van der Linde" greate contribute. ![github pulse image](/static/images/posts/01-pulse-github.png "the Pulse")
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